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          Zhu Ming-Jiang, born in Guangzhou in 1956, is an internationally renowned master violinmaker. He is a member of the Standing Board of the Chinese Musical Instruments Association and Vice President of the Violin Makers Society of China.
       Zhu Ming-Jiang grew up with the “model shows” and sound of abacus (as both his parents were accountants). He acquainted himself with the violin by the seventies of the last century. In 1976, after working at Wanqingsha of Panyu County as an educated youth for two years, with some basic skills in Chinese painting and carpentry, he was admitted to the
Guangzhou Violin Making School, conducted by the distinguished violinmakers Xu Fu and Liang Guohui. Upon graduation, he got a job at the Guangzhou Research Institute of Musical Instruments, where he

continued his studies on violin making under the guidance of Mr. Liang Guohui. He resigned from that position in 1991 and, making do with two square meters out of his home of twenty square meters, established “The Workshop of Ming-Jiang Zhu,” which later developed into the Noble Heart Violins, Ltd.
        Having learned the essence of violin making from the celebrated master Mr. Liang Guohui, Zhu’s skills were improving day by day. In 1986, he attended the Violin Society of America (VSA) international competition for the first time and his violin won a Certificate of Merit for Workmanship. Up to 2010, he has won nineteen awards from that prestigious competition, including two gold medals and two silver medals. His students also have presented strong performances in international competitions: Tan Qiaoming has won a VSA Certificate of Merit for Workmanship, Chen Shao has won a VSA Silver Medal for Workmanship and a Certificate of Merit for Tone, and Zhu Weixian has won a VSA Certificate of Merit for Tone.
        It is especially noteworthy that it is uneasy for a violinmaker to win an award in a prestigious international competition, much less over ten awards. Particularly, violin gold medals have not been awarded in six out of the fourteen competitions since the VSA competition changed its rule in 1984. This fact shows how hard it is to win a gold medal. Zhu Ming-Jiang has twice won gold medal of violin, which is called “jewel on the crown of violin making” by the professional violinmakers. This is China’s pride. He has brought distinction to his motherland. Up to date, Zhu Ming-Jiang is the Chinese who has won the greatest number and highest level of awards in that highly prestigious international competition. He has become one of the most frequently awarded excellent violinmakers in the world. He also has had interviews with media such as Time (USA), The Strad (British), Reuters (British), World Weekly (USA), Sing Tao Weekly (Hong Kong), Musical Instruments (China), Chinese Musical Instruments (China), Guangdong World of Musical Instruments (China), People’s Daily (China), China Daily (China), Guangzhou Daily (China), and Yangcheng Evening News (China). He is considered “within the top 5% of violinmakers in the world today.”
       For his numerous awards from the international competitions as well as his outstanding contributions to China’s industry of music instruments, Zhu Ming-Jiang was designated “Excellent Personnel in the Musical Instrument Industry of China” in 2006, “Model Worker of Guangdong Province” in 2009, and “National Model Worker” in 2010. In 2008 he was accepted as a member of Entente Internationale des Maîtres-luthiers et Archetiers d’art (International Society of Violin and Bow Makers), an organization of master violin and bow makers around the world. He is the third Chinese citizen to become a member of the association. In 2010, Zhu Ming-Jiang served as the only Chinese judge for workmanship in the first China International Violin Making Competition, embodying his level of skills and status in the violinmaking profession in China.


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